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Making the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Their reasons for making the switch vary, but more drivers are embracing electric vehicles.

Are you leery about new technology? Some of us want to wait to see how things shake out before trying something new. You may feel that way about electric vehicles. But electric vehicles (EVs) aren't new. The first EVs hit the road in the early 1900s and then made a comeback in the ‘70s during the oil crisis. Like bell bottoms and disco, EVs became a fad and people lost interest as oil prices dropped.

But EVs are back and better than ever with more battery range and lower maintenance costs than gas-powered vehicles.  Richard Steeves, an avid pilot, flies and drives electric. He loves the performance, efficiency and positive impact on the environment.

Watch our video to see why Richard decided to go electric. And learn more about electric vehicles from EV Rider.  You can also check out Explore My EV – MGE’s new online tool for comparing EVs to gasoline models. This tool will  show you the cost to own an EV based on commute distances, available tax credits and maintenance costs, among other things. Plus it can help you choose the best electric rate for your home and estimate fuel savings. 

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published: Jul-26-2018

Debbie Branson

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