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Looking for an Electric Vehicle? MGE Can Help.

Our Dealership Network helps connect interested buyers with local dealers.

Thinking about an electric vehicle (EV) for your next ride? You probably have questions. Maybe a lot of questions. No worries—MGE and local dealerships have you covered.

MGE has partnered with local dealerships to help car shoppers who are considering an EV. MGE Dealership Network members are knowledgeable about MGE EV programs and resources. In addition to expertise on models, trim options, driving range and financing, dealerships can help future EV drivers determine the best charging solution for their new EV.

Most drivers charge at home. Many are interested in charging on renewables or maybe charging on nights and weekends when electricity costs are lower. Dealership Network members are familiar with MGE programs like Green Power Tomorrow, Shift & Save and Charge@Home. Charge@Home makes charging easy by coordinating installation of a powerful Level 2 charging station at your home. Drivers pay about $20 per month (0.64 cents a day) to participate with no upfront costs.

Connecting with a dealership expert is easy. Visit mge.com/lovev/models to complete a brief form that will automatically send an email to a participating dealership. Dealerships are available to answer questions or, if you’re ready to take the next step, check on availability or schedule a test drive. No pressure!

You also can connect with a dealership through MGE’s Explore My EV tool where you can compare an EV to a gasoline vehicle to better understand options and potential savings.

There's a lot to discover—and a lot to love—about EVs. Learn more about EVs at mge.com/LovEV. And, for news and features about electric vehicles, stay plugged in to the EV Rider section of mge2050.com.

published: Jul-19-2021

Debbie Branson

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