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Evaluate Electric Vehicle (EV) Options with Online Tool

Explore My EV helps you compare vehicles, costs and estimate potential fuel savings.

We may never get the answer to some age-old questions like which came first, the chicken or the egg? But some questions are easily answered—will I save if I drive electric? Many car shoppers know they will pay less to fuel and maintain an electric vehicle (EV) but may pay more up front. Explore My EV also helps you select models that suit your lifestyle with a vehicle comparison feature!

Explore My EV takes into consideration many factors, such as your daily commute, electricity costs, up-front vehicle costs, maintenance costs and financial incentives, to create an easy-to-understand financial comparison. 

To get started, visit mge.com/LovEV/costs or log into MGE My Account. Enter your address, daily miles traveled, how much you want to spend and choose an electric vehicle to compare. You will see the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and driving range for all vehicles in your price range. You also can filter by EV type (all-electric or plug-in hybrid), body style and make.

Next enter your average electric bill. If you’re a My Account user, your average electric bill will display automatically. 

Next, select a rate plan so you can more accurately compare fuel costs. Many customers save money by moving charging and other electricity use to nights and weekends and enrolling in MGE’s Shift & Save plan.

See your results and learn more

Now you can view your summary, which includes potential lifetime savings and how many years until you break even on your investment! The tool also allows you to adjust inputs so you can compare different financial scenarios.

If the numbers add up, check out the EV Resources section for links to helpful information on programs that can help you save money, charge with renewable energy, and have a charging station installed at your home.

Charge at home, on the go

Most drivers like the convenience of charging at home—wake up and your battery is charged and ready to go. No more trips to the gas station. MGE makes it convenient to get a charging station installed at your home with our Charge@Home program. For about $20 a month plus the cost of electricity, MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 charging station (up to six times faster than a 100-volt outlet) with no up-front costs. It’s easy and MGE will handle any repairs or replacements.

You also can charge on the go at any of MGE’s public charging stations. MGE has installed more than 40 charging stations, including five DC fast chargers. If you join MGE’s EV Owners Group, you’ll receive a 50% discount!

Visit mge.com/LovEV to learn more about EVs, including new and available models, driving distance, tax incentives, electric rates, charging opportunities and more.

published: Mar-31-2021