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Embracing the 'EVolution'

Electric vehicles are becoming mainstream.

Some nostalgic cartoon characters may come to mind when you think of electric vehicles (EVs). They may seem as elusive as George Jetson's flying car or as poky as Fred Flintstone's foot mobile. But electric vehicles are here to stay, and today there are more than 40 models to fit all lifestyles.
EVs lined up at MGE

EVs have come a long way since GM's short-lived EV1 first hit the market in 1996. Now, they come in all shapes and sizes—ranging from the compact hatchback Nissan LEAF® to the Chrysler Pacifica minivan—and are available for purchase at many local dealerships.

Perks of an EV

EVs are quick—providing instant torque and accelerating faster than gasoline engines—and they can go far.  You can travel almost 240 miles in a Chevy Bolt and more than 600 miles in a Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). EVs also are affordable to drive because electricity costs less than gasoline or diesel. Plus, if you buy an all-electric, you will never have to book another oil change appointment and your brakes will last longer because the electric motor helps bring the car to a stop.

Charging explained

Electric vehicles can be charged overnight in your garage. Not only is it simple but it beats standing at the pump when its 10 below. Plus, there are about 50 public charging stations in the Madison area—30 of which are in MGE's network. You can top off your battery while picking up groceries at Willy Street West or taking the kids to the Henry Vilas Zoo or working out at Princeton Club. If you're in a hurry, there are even a couple of DC fast chargers in town. Fast chargers give you 60 to 80 miles of range in about 20 minutes.

Chevy Bolt at a DC Fast Charger

Cleaner to drive

EVs do have one thing in common with Fred's foot mobile—they are cleaner to drive. Driving an EV cuts greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50%. Electrifying transportation is a key strategy for reducing carbon emissions. MGE's public charging network is powered by wind energy.

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published: Mar-12-2018

Debbie Branson

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