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Electrify Your Summer Road Trip 

Electric vehicles offer plenty of range, charging options at home and on the road. 

Summer fun in 2020 is looking a little different. Popular events including concerts, Wisconsin State Fair and Summerfest have been canceled, but summer road trips and even a trip to a drive-in movie are still on! This year, you might want to consider cruising the countryside in an electric vehicle (EV). 

EVs are clean, quiet and fun to drive. Road trips also cost less when you fuel with electricity. You can drive from Madison to Wisconsin Dells for about half the cost of a gasoline vehicle. And the benefits don't stop there. 


Skip the stops, charge at home 

MGE makes home charging even easier with Charge@Home. For about $20 a month and the cost of electricity, MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 (240 volts) charging station with no up-front cost. Level 2 stations charge about six times faster than a standard outlet. MGE also handles any repairs. Interested in learning more? Visit mge.com/chargeathome


Keeping it cool at home and on the road 

Charging an EV is easy and convenient. Plug in at night and wake up with a full battery – no trips to the gas station. Plus, you can pre-cool your EV so you're ready to travel in comfort on a hot summer day. If you need to make a quick stop, you can leave the air conditioner on without worrying about tailpipe emissions.   


Travel far and wide 

Having doubts about hitting the open road without stopping to charge? Not to worry, many EVs can travel more than 250 miles on a single charge. Coming soon are EVs that can take you even farther, including pickups and more SUV options. Planning a longer road trip? There are more than 140 DC fast charging locations in Wisconsin. DC fast chargers provide about 60 to 80 miles of driving range in 20 minutes. Staying in town? MGE's public charging station network includes more than 40 charging stations, including five DC fast chargers. MGE's newest DC fast charger is at the Dane County Regional Airport.  

There's a lot to discover—and a lot to love—about EVs. Learn more about EVs at mge.com/LovEV. And, for news and features about EVs, stay plugged in to the EV Rider section of mge2050.com.  




published: Jul-24-2020

Debbie Branson

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Debbie Branson

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