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Electric Vehicles (EVs) to Fit Your Lifestyle and Budget

Automakers continue to provide new EV options, including SUVs and trucks.

Whether you've seen them on the streets or in TV commercials, one thing is for sure—EVs are growing, both in options and in popularity. Not too long ago, drivers had a limited selection of all-electric models, but new and soon-to-be available models are offering something for just about every buyer. Check out this guide from the Electric Power Research Institute to learn more about available EVs—and here’s a quick look at some models with features many drivers want!    



Are you in the market for a family car that's also sleek and sporty enough for solo drivers? Check out the ID.4. With family-friendly features, it may just be the perfect EV for you.



Cadillac Lyriq

Have you been wondering how EVs perform in wintry conditions? Cadillac is here to show you how its Lyriq model takes the worry out of winter driving.


Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Many families have their eyes on a ride that can seat seven. The Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD fits the bill and will make school or sports carpooling a breeze. Take a look at how the 7-seat model is configured.

Kia EV6

Many EV makers add a special touch or two to make their vehicle stand out in the crowd. The Kia EV6 is no exception, with fun features including a camp stove as well as a practical portable generator.


published: Jun-13-2023