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Electric Trucks, SUVs and More Models Coming

More options coming in 2020 and beyond, including pickups and SUVs.   

Not all electric vehicles (EVs) are small. And not all EVs are quirky. Today, EVs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, including sleek sedans, practical crossovers and roomy minivans. And even more options will be available in 2020 and beyond, including pickups and SUVs.   

Early EV models were typically compact or sub-compact. Compacts work great for some drivers, especially if you have a short commute to work. A small car doesn't work so well if you have a family of four and two dogs. Luckily, automakers are building EVs to meet the needs of many drivers. You can drive kids to soccer practice in a Mitsubishi Outlander or haul camping gear up north in a Chrysler Pacifica – both are plug-in hybrids. 

Coming soon, you will also be able to pull a boat or camper with an electric pickup truck. Ford, General Motors, Tesla and a new company called Rivian, have all announced they will be offering electric pickups in the next couple of years. Rivian is hoping to have trucks on the road in 2020, and you may see a Tesla truck this year. Great news for drivers who need a truck for work, home or play.   


An EV style for everybody 

Manufacturers are continuing to add a variety of sporty, rugged or nostalgic models to their EV lineups. Ford is chatting about an electric Mach E SUV that will borrow styling from the classic Mustang muscle car and be available in 2020. An all-electric Mini Cooper also will be rolled out in 2020. Tesla offers sedans and SUVs that appeal to drivers who want a sportier vehicle and will add a more compact SUV – the Model Y – to their lineup in 2020. The popular Ford Escape SUV will be available as a plug-in hybrid next year, and the iconic Volkswagen minibus is going electric with the ID Buzz model. 


Hundreds of miles on a single charge 

You'll also be able to drive farther on single charge with many of these new vehicles. The Rivian is expected to have a range of more than 400 miles, and the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach E will go about 300 miles. 

More models, longer ranges and cheaper than fueling with gas – there are lot of reasons to love driving electric. 


published: Aug-16-2019

Debbie Branson

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