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New Electric SUVs, Trucks on Horizon

Ford and GM have announced plans for our favorite vehicle types.

Americans love their pickup trucks and SUVs. I’ve heard it many times—I’ll go electric when I am able to buy a pickup or SUV. Well, we’re getting closer to that option! Both Ford and GM have announced plans to enter the electric pickup truck market. And, Toyota is partnering with Subaru to offer an electric SUV with all-wheel drive. Pickups, SUVs and all-wheel drive, oh my!


Ultra-fast chargers at Wal-Marts in 34 states

Wal-Mart is now home to more than 120 ultra-fast chargers in 34 states. Most of the stations are located off major highways, helping drivers charge up quickly when they hit the road for summer vacation.

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published: Jul-17-2019

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