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Driving Ranges for Electric Vehicles (EVs) Expanding

Options for longer driving ranges continue to grow as more models hit the market.

Driving range is still a concern for car shoppers considering an EV. Just like running out of gas is a hassle, draining your car battery before you reach your destination is no fun either. If you're considering an EV, you can breathe a sigh of relief as there are more long-range vehicles available today and coming in the future.

Wisconsin drivers travel about 30 miles per day. And many new EV models can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge, making travel easy and worry-free. Longer-range vehicles, more vehicle models and plenty of places to charge make driving an EV a real possibility for many drivers. Here are a few 2022 options—from crossovers to pickups—with 300-mile-plus range.

In addition, Ford also estimates a 300-mile-plus range for the top model F-150 Lightning, and Chevy is projecting a 400-mile-plus range for the Silverado. An exact release date for the Silverado has not been announced. In addition to having longer-range models available, drivers also have more opportunities to charge quickly on the go. MGE’s fast charging hub will soon offer 16 fast charging stalls. Eight Tesla Superchargers are available now. The hub is located on East Washington Avenue and South Livingston Street. MGE’s public charging network includes five other DC fast chargers in the Madison area.

Visit mge.com/LovEV to learn about available models, charging opportunities, costs, benefits and more. Our online tool, Explore My EV, helps customers who are considering buying an EV to calculate the total cost of ownership. And, for news and features about EVs, visit mge2050.com/EVRider.

published: Feb-25-2022

Debbie Branson

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