Video: Wind Farm Anniversary

MGE says "thank you" to landowners who host our Top of Iowa 3 wind farm.

In June, MGE held an anniversary celebration with some of the landowners who host our Top of Iowa 3 wind farm. Since the 30-megawatt (MW) wind farm went into operation in 2008, it has generated renewable energy to power about 12,000 households each year.

Iowa is known for its strong winds, and thanks to the landowners who host the 18 turbines, Top of Iowa has been generating clean energy for more than 10 years—and has been a part of three generations for at least one Iowa family. Watch our short video to hear from them.

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New wind and solar farms

Another MGE wind farm is under construction in northeast Iowa. Our 66-MW Saratoga wind farm, located east of Top of Iowa, will be operational by 2019. Saratoga's 33 turbines will provide enough energy to power about 47,000 households.

We're also working to grow cost-effective solar energy for our customers. MGE announced in late May plans for two large solar projects in Wisconsin. MGE is partnering with another Wisconsin utility company, Wisconsin Public Service, to move forward the two projects, which total 300 MW. MGE's share would be 100 MW.

These new projects will help MGE meet its goal of providing 30% renewable energy by 2030. We also have a goal of reducing carbon emissions at least 40% by 2030 from 2005 levels. Beyond 2030, we have committed to reducing carbon emissions at least 80% by 2050. If we can go further faster by working together with our customers, we will.

published: Jun-29-2018