Power Your Electric Vehicle (EV) With Clean Energy 

EV drivers have the option to charge with local solar from MGE.

For drivers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, electric vehicles (EVs) offer a way to do just that. If you currently drive an EV or are considering one, we have programs to help you power your ride with 100% clean energy.
EV drivers who participate in Shared Solar and Green Power Tomorrow have the option to fuel their ride with 100% clean energy from local solar arrays and MGE wind and solar farms. Here's how it works:
Sign up for Shared Solar and power up to half of your household electric use with local solar for about $3 per month plus a minimal up-front fee.
Once your shares are secured, you can power your household with 100% clean energy by adding Green Power Tomorrow for a penny more per kilowatt-hour for the remainder of your household energy use.
Shared Solar and Green Power Tomorrow are easy, affordable and flexible options to fuel your home and EV with clean energy – and support of the growth of clean energy in our community.

Transportation electrification and MGE's net-zero goal

Transportation accounts for 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. The electrification of transportation is considered a key strategy for reducing carbon emissions. MGE has a goal of net-zero carbon electricity for its customers by 2050. By working together, we can achieve our shared energy goals. Learn more.

published: Sep-22-2020