New Clean Energy Option for Biz Customers

MGE's new renewable energy rider gives businesses a new option for green power.

MGE is making it easier for business customers who want to power their operations with clean energy.

For years, Madison-area homes and businesses have been able to purchase clean energy through MGE's Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program. GPT gives customers the option of purchasing a percentage of their electricity use from wind resources instead of fossil fuel-fired generation. A list of participating businesses is available at Today, MGE is giving business customers a new option.

Renewable Energy Rider

MGE recently received regulatory approval to serve business customers with renewable energy resources. For businesses seeking flexibility to meet their energy needs, this program gives MGE the ability to work cooperatively with a commercial customer to tailor a renewable energy solution.
Worker Installs Solar Panels

"Sustainability is important to MGE, and we know it's important to many of our local businesses," said DonPeterson, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Products and Services at MGE. "MGE already works with many of our local business customers around energy efficiency. The renewable energy rider gives these customers another option for increasing their sustainability efforts around energy."

Under the renewable energy rider, MGE would work with a customer to develop a contract to serve all or a significant portion of the business' electric needs with renewable generation. The participating customer would be responsible for costs associated with the renewable generation facility and any distribution costs to deliver energy to the business.

"Energy efficiency, sustainability, cost—and, of course, reliability—are factors for many businesses, especially those constructing new operations," Peterson said. "This new model offers MGE the opportunity to work with businesses that may be looking either to relocate or expand in our service territory, bringing new jobs and economic development, to customize renewable generation specific to their operations."

published: Aug-21-2017