More Solar Coming to Community Grid This Year 

Projects in Dane County, Iowa County and northeastern Wisconsin underway. 

When spring arrives in Wisconsin, it usually means construction season. The orange barrels of road construction are what most people are used to seeing this time of year. For MGE, spring 2020 means another type of construction is ramping up—and the results will mean some serious solar power coming to our community grid. 

MGE has several solar projects under construction that will generate clean, sustainable energy to benefit all our customers. Here are some updates on project construction. 

50-megawatts (MW) of solar in northeastern Wisconsin  

Two Creeks Solar is expected to begin serving MGE customers later this year.

Two Creeks Solar is expected to begin serving MGE customers later this year.

Two Creeks Solar is expected to begin serving MGE customers later this year.
The Two Creeks Solar project will total 150 MW. MGE's share of the project is 50 MW. Construction began in August 2019. The project is expected to begin serving our customers this year. 

100 MW of solar in Iowa County 

There are two phases of the 300-MW Badger Hollow Solar Farm. MGE's share of the entire project will be 100 MW. Construction began on Phase I in October 2019 and included site work and support post installation. Phase I is expected to be completed in spring 2021.   

9-MW array in Dane County 

State regulators and the Federal Aviation Administration have approved our proposed 9-MW solar array to be built at the Dane County Regional Airport in partnership with Dane County and the airport. The array will consist of about 31,000 solar panels and will cover 58 acres of County-owned land north of the airport. This will be the largest solar project in the state built for a single customer. It is expected to come online this year to serve Dane County operations. 

Advancing clean energy 

Adding more solar and wind power to our community grid is one of the ways we're working to achieve net-zero carbon electricity for our customers by 2050. In addition to large-scale projects, we're also working together with our customers to power homes and businesses through our innovative Shared Solar program. Learn more about how it works and how you can join us in growing clean energy in our community. 

published: May-13-2020