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Our Middleton solar installation furthers Energy 2030's clean energy goals.

solar panels Bright summer days equal electric production from MGE's Shared Solar installation  in Middleton. You can check out the daily, weekly and monthly solar energy production at

Summer is when the sun is high enough to allow the array to produce its maximum power rating of 500 kilowatts (kW). As we move into fall, the solar array still will produce a significant amount of energy. Production will decline as the days grow shorter.

When modeling energy output for our Shared Solar installation, we accounted for seasonal changes such as lower output during the winter months due to the sun's angle.

Opportunity to learn

For our customers who subscribed to this community solar project, visiting our website is a great way to track energy output.

For those considering installing their own rooftop solar, the seasonal differences from our Shared Solar array mirror what they would experience if they install solar panels on their roof.

MGE is committed to customer education and engagement—and providing this energy data on is another way to keep customers informed.

More about Shared Solar

The Shared Solar installation is on the roof of the City of Middleton Municipal Operations Center. Shared Solar graphicThe project was completed in December 2016. The program was designed as a way for customers to add solar-generated electricity to their individual energy mix. The program is sold out. MGE maintains a waiting list for customers who are interested.

Participants paid an up-front fee to reserve some of the electricity produced from the project. Now that the solar array is generating electricity, participants pay a fixed rate of $0.12 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for up to 50% of their annual electric usage (dependent upon the amount purchased) for the next 25 years. This rate will stay with them even if they move within the MGE electric service territory.

The clean, renewable solar electricity generated through Shared Solar helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and manages fuel costs that can increase over time for other types of electricity generation.

Our partnership with customers and the City of Middleton also advances MGE's long-term framework, Energy 2030, under which we have set the goal of supplying 30% of our retail electric sales with renewable energy by 2030. Working together, we can reach our shared goal of a cleaner energy future.

Learn more about MGE's transition toward greater use of renewable resources under Energy 2030 by visiting

published: Jul-26-2017