Sharing in Our Energy Future

A new solar option from MGE makes it easy to share in the support of clean technology.

In Madison, sharing is caring.

Downtown, we share spaces and places with warm friendly faces.

From Middleton Lakeview to terrace lake views, so often we paddle in twos.

As your community energy company, we share the values, priorities and goals of our customers to create a brighter future for this place we all share—this community we call home.

You've shared your thoughts with us about our collective energy future. We know cleaner energy is a priority for our customers. Greater use of renewable resources is a goal in Energy 2030, MGE's long-term energy framework introduced last year to customers.

You can partner with us in reaching our shared energy goals.

Introducing Shared Solar...

Shared Solar offers the benefits of locally generated solar power without installing solar panels on your home—ideal for customers who may be unable to install solar panels themselves, such as those with a roof in the shade or apartment dwellers. A 500-kilowatt (kW) solar array planned for Middleton will provide an easy and affordable way to purchase solar energy and share in the future of sustainable energy sources.

Community-sourced solar: Available to share and generated in our community for our energy future. That's the power of working together.

Hear from the City of Middleton and an interested customer in this brief video about the project.

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published: 09-06-2016