Powered by Green Energy

Madisonian shares why he powers his household with clean energy through MGE.

Green Power Tomorrow

MGE's Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program gives customers an easy way to purchase the energy they use at their home or business from renewable sources. It's one way we partner with our customers for a cleaner tomorrow.

Long-time participant, Madison-resident Bill Clingan, has chosen to purchase 100% of his energy use through GPT since 2008. "Think globally, act locally, is what came to mind when I first learned of MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program," said Clingan. "Subscribing was a way for me and my family to have a direct impact on our environment, right here at home."

Doing things that are good for the environment is a regular part of Clingan's daily life. He considers the impact on the planet when making decisions. Clingan recycles and composts, doesn't use chemicals when treating his lawn and has one car for himself and his wife. His house, built in 1909, isn't a good candidate for solar panel installation, but he is planning an energy audit for later this year to determine ways he can further reduce his energy use.

Madison-resident Bill Clingan

MGE customer, Bill Clingan, has participated in Green Power Tomorrow since 2008.

"GPT is an easy way for me to do something to protect our environment. And, being able to do it through our community utility is even more attractive," said Clingan. "While it costs a little more money, it is easier on the planet and gives me confidence that I am making an impact."

The green energy used by GPT customers comes from wind farms—in Wisconsin and in Iowa—and from solar installations in our community. Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of green power purchased reduces the amount of power generated with fossil fuels.

MGE customers are able to purchase the power generated through these renewable sources for $0.0244 more per kWh than their standard electricity rate. This extra cost covers the slightly higher cost to generate electricity from these resources. Customers can select the amount of energy they want to purchase by choosing a percentage of their usage or a flat fee that meets their budget.

Since its inception, GPT has sold more than 1.2 billion kWh, which has offset more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide. Currently, more than 9,000 residential customers and 200 commercial customers participate, making our GPT program a national leader in terms of customer participation. MGE thanks customers like Clingan for their support.

"Customers have to do what they are comfortable with financially," said Clingan. "This program is very doable for my family, takes minimal effort and ultimately makes a difference on our local environment and planet as a whole."

For more information or to sign up for GPT, visit mge.com/gpt.

Energy 2030

As part of our Energy 2030 framework, MGE plans to supply 30% of retail electric sales with renewable resources by 2030. Our new Shared Solar pilot project is a step in that direction. Working together—whether with GPT or Shared Solar—we can build on MGE's long-standing commitment to reliable, sustainable energy for the future.

published: 10-17-2016